Bringing Back the Shine on Stainless The Process

What's Involved in the Restoration Process

Quoting: To get the perfect shine on stainless, the job will start with an initial enquiry from our website contact page.

We have carried out thousands of residential and commercial jobs over the years in operation, and would welcome any photos you have of the job, together with basic measurements, to assist us with providing you an accurate quotation.

Timing: We will liaise with you to arrange a mutually convenient time to carry out the job.

Initial arrival: Upon arriving on site, the work area will be surveyed to ensure all aspects of the job are safe and ready to go. We generally require all power and water plumbed and operational.

Shine On Stainless Before

Bringing Back the Shine on Stainless

Protection: We like to protective wrap all surrounding areas which creates a barrier and isolates the item we are working on.

Getting the shine on stainless: We use a wet process that does not create dust or affect surrounding surfaces. We chemically treat to neutralise and remove corrosion and grime build-up, and will then carry out a series of machine sanding and polishing processes to achieve the desired shine on stainless.

Expectations: We aim for the highest standard possible, however in some cases there may be permanent damage such as deep scratches or dents that cannot be removed.

Clean Up: The job site will be left impeccably tidy.

Shine On Stainless After

Whether you need to bring back the shine on stainless, or simply duplicate an existing satin finish, Stainless Restorations is your first port of call and is the longest standing company specialising in mobile stainless polishing in New Zealand.

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